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    Advanced Online Marketing specialises in web design, online shops and e-commerce, showcase websites. 

    As each project is unique and requires more or les expertise, they are all examined on a case by case basis. We will then give you an estimate on the deadlines you can expect for the creation of your next website !

    The system on which the websites are designed is very intuitive and we will teach you how to get your hands on you brand new professional tool.

    Your initial contract lasts 12 months (except when stated otherwise) and includes technical support on your website.  

    You do have the possibility to have a professional email address such as in order to manage your orders, send professional emails or respond to client inquiries.

    You can choose domain name extensions that are not conventional. However, we strongly advise not to choose extensions such as ",,," for Google Seo referencing reasons. Instead, choose extensions such as ", or even" .

    Advanced Online Marketing accepts wire transfers with possibility of paying 50% in order to start the project, and pay the rest once the projects reaches completion.

    You can choose a second native language on your website. It is also possible to add more languages.